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IT & Telecom Partners database for North America

With more than 50,000 partners, this database mainly covers the reseller and service company markets for IT & TelCo.
It will be expanded in the future to include software publishers.

This database provides the means to contact 140 000 professionals in North America, among more than 50 000 IT Partners

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Volume of company profiles by main activity

compuBase Real time counts

IT & Telecom Partners database for North America

Database for the USA - Click on any cell in the table to see the corresponding selection


compuBase Real time counts

IT & Telecom Partners database for North America

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compuBase has developed a very powerful but easy to access tool. It allows you to perform targeting and instantly know the volume of potential partners for your activity. The counting functions are accessible without subscription.

The North American market is very different from the European one; here are some reasons why:
Language standardization gave advantage to big players due to absence of division by language like the one we see in Europe, especially in the software publishing field. It is a market of 350 M people whose working language is English. This market has the same business culture across all the continent; it has a great growth potential in other countries where English is the working language, too (the UK, Ireland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria…) 

A market approach that was originally direct rather than indirect. The approach to the distribution of IT products in the United States was initially a direct one. Then, over time, their distribution model has shifted to the indirect one. In Europe, on the other hand, the indirect sales benefited from the IT boom that took place during the last 15 years of the XXI century.

The need for critical mass. The very size of the market implies that its players have to be big. Pricing competition is fierce and has forced companies to reach a big size early on.

A widespread venture capital culture, promoting quick decision-making and rapid ROI. The dynamism of the American entrepreneurial system has found the right place to grow thanks to its system of business angels and venture capital firms. There may be a lot of failures in terms of numbers, but the success stories are global and far outweigh the failures value-wise. 

« Objective » (strategic) alliances, such as the tripartite partnership between Microsoft – HP – Intel, have long been an engine for the market.  

Unmatched "firepower": the available cash flow of the Top 5 listed US IT companies ($350 B) is the equivalent of the total of  French tax revenues or the full defense budget…for all the countries in Europe…Who wants to play now?
This obviously leaves little room for any new serious direct challengers. 


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