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Xerox Partner Channel - a Dynamic Analysis by compuBase

Xerox is a historical player in the computer and printing industry. If the brand has managed to remain independent despite the many waves of consolidation that have punctuated the world of printing, it is partly thanks to its distribution network. This one was both his strength and his weakness. The network consists of dealers but also independent partners. If it made it possible to go through difficulties, the duality of this network also slowed the attempts of enlargement of market.


The compuBase database is not exhaustive on the Xerox partners, nevertheless we estimate that we cover, in value, at least between 60% and 70% of Xerox partners for EMEA and NA, this is largely enough to provide an accurate analysis.
Our database is frequently updated, the frequency varies according the partner size between 9 and 18 months.

For more information or specific counts please consult our website //www.compubase.biz/ict/getSelectionPage.action
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Definition of a Xerox partner

Any qualified partner :
  • Reselling regularly a Xerox solutions (Print...) or being register a a certified Xerox Partners

Clients Total number of Xerox partners into the compuBase database:

Who are Xerox's partners?

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Number of Canon partners into the compuBase database by product and solutions

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Xerox's partners by size ranges?

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Top Brands into Xerox Partner Network

Number of partners by brand present into the Xerox channel

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