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Lexmark Partner Channel - a Dynamic Analysis by compuBase

Lexmark, founded in 1991, emerged as a spin-off from IBM's printer, typewriter, and keyboard manufacturing division. Initially, Lexmark focused on producing inkjet and laser printers for IBM before expanding into the global market under its brand. Their transition from IBM allowed them to innovate and develop new printing technologies.

The channel, or distribution network, has been crucial for Lexmark. Given the competitive nature of the printing industry, effective channel strategies enabled Lexmark to reach a broad customer base, ranging from individual consumers to large enterprises. They utilized a mix of direct sales, online sales, and partnerships with retailers and resellers. This diversified approach helped Lexmark cater to various market segments and geographical regions, particularly important for a company with a global presence like Lexmark.

Channels also played a key role in Lexmark's shift towards more service-oriented offerings, like managed print services (MPS) and enterprise content management solutions. By leveraging channel partners' local knowledge and relationships, Lexmark could better understand and meet the unique needs of different markets and customers.

Overall, Lexmark's channel strategy significantly contributed to its global expansion, customer reach, and ability to adapt to changing market dynamics in the printing and digital solutions industry.


Lexmark, primarily known for its focus on imaging and printing solutions, undertakes a variety of key activities:
  • Manufacturing and Selling Printers: Lexmark produces a range of printers, including inkjet, laser, and all-in-one printers, catering to both individual consumers and business clients.
  • Managed Print Services (MPS): They offer comprehensive MPS, helping businesses optimize their printing infrastructure, manage costs, and improve efficiency in document processing and workflow.
  • Software Solutions: Lexmark develops software for enterprise content management, document workflow solutions, and printer fleet management, enhancing the functionality of its hardware products.
  • Supplies and Accessories: The company manufactures and sells consumables like toner cartridges, ink cartridges, and other printer-related supplies.
  • Customer Support and Services: Lexmark provides extensive customer support and professional services, including installation, maintenance, and repair services for its products.
Most of these activities requires the support of a large indirect channel. 

Lexmark's strategy with indirect partners focuses on remaining committed to imaging technology and enhancing its presence in the SMB market through Managed Print Services (MPS). They aim to support partners by providing imaging hardware for new business opportunities and offering enterprise MPS tools and cloud services. This approach includes improving device reliability, ease of use, serviceability, remote print management, and predictive analytics tools, helping partners to more effectively serve their customers and improve profitability.

Clients Total number of Lexmark partners in the compuBase database:

Definition of a Lexmark Partner

Any qualified partner:
Reselling, integrating, or supporting regularly Lexmark products  and MPS solutions such as
  • Inkjet printers / inkjet all in one printers resel.
  • Office A4 laser printers or A4 Multi Function Printer resel.
  • Office A3/A4 laser printers or A3/A4 Multi Function Printer resel.
  • Photocopier or Multifunction copier ( MFC) resel.
  • Dot Matrix printer resel.
Or with one of the following accreditations / Certifications (some name may have changed)
  • Lexmark Business Solutions Partners
  • Lexmark Commercial Partners

Volume of partners for Lexmark solutions

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Main business model of IT Partners working with Lexmark

Lexmark's partners by size ranges

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Lexmark partners are also reselling / integrating other brands who are those brands?

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