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Optimizing your distribution channel

If you are looking to optimize your sales and marketing approach to your distribution network, you first have to understand its strengths and weaknesses, gain insight into your market share for each point of sale and ensure that you are using the relevant account by account approach.

You are dealing with too many partners and would like to select just those worth investing in
You would like to know the potential for each point of sale and to adapt your communication to specific homogenous targets
You would like to identify your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your market competitors
You would like to control and align your channel communication to that of your wholesalers
The following compuBase services can help you:


Channel Ranking provides you with a list of partners in your market with an estimation of their revenues in your product category. The results of this analysis are provided in the form of a database delivered in Excel format.
Channel Ranking enables you to better allocate sales and marketing resources.
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Channel Benchmarking enables you to understand your distribution network's strengths and weaknesses in relation to those of your competitors on a given market.
The analysis is delivered in the form of a study which will help you formulate recruitment and communication strategies.
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Channel Scoring is the most complete exercise in terms of optimising an indirect sales network.
The aim of this service is to define your sales and marketing strategy account by account: Conquer, Keep, Educate, Inform, etc., according to your quantitative and qualitative strengths and weaknesses.
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The Channel Review is a study which aims to provide an overview of distribution channel coverage in relation to a target market. The aim of a Channel Review is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a distribution network.
The target market is made up of partners who commercialize a given type of solution. For a Channel Review we compare the distribution channel of the brand studied with the target market.
About the methodology: - Results are provided in the form of rate of coverage and discrepancies between the target market and the channel under study.
At best the Channel Review shows brand position (in terms of rate of coverage) for top partners identified as strongly contributing to the market. 
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