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The compuBase referencing platform

If you work in ICT you know the importance of being referenced on other sites. With the compuBase you can reference your company and website just once and be visible on multiple partner sites. Why get referenced? o Increase visibility by appearing...

Cloud Partner Database - Welcome Page

As more and more solutions are moving to the Cloud, the ecosystem that maintains this new business model is becoming more diverse. We have segmented our database to identify the partners that are already active in the Cloud and those ready to...

Contact and company data counts

Overview of our database content for EMEA, America, Australia and New Zealand

Overview of the compuBase Database

The compuBase partner intelligence database is THE most comprehensive database on IT & Telecom companies for EMEA, and now includes North America, Canada, Latam, Australia - NZ and now Singapore. Database Overview

compuBase Main Activity Business Definitions

In the IT & Telecom industry a company often has several activities. Below is an overview of compuBase's classification for the 15 main activity categories within our database, each category represents a different business model: Consulting...

Modules on compuBase online / Type & brand of resold products

compuBase online provides 2 modules in its "Type & brand of resold products section": "Specialized Peripherals for Trade and Industry" and "Remote Managed Services" The module "Specialized Peripherals for Trade and Industry" includes: - Resale...

Comparison of content by file depth

A compuBase offer is the result of several factors: a target, a certain depth of information and a commercial offering. Depth by module RENTAL (mail or postal) BASIC ADVANCED PRO...

Options for on-line access or purchase of information files

These options are intended for companies that want either to integrate data into their information system or to have access to our on-line database with the possibiliy to export files. We offer various solutions, choose the one adapted to your...
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