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How to order a list or a database?

If you're interested in acquiring a list of partners, we've outlined the process below. It's a simple 1,2,3 process...

Step 1 - Define Your Target

To do this, there are two methods:
  1. You send us a request explaining the target audience you want to reach, and we will come back with a proposed target.
    Please read step 2 & 3 before sending your request.
  1. You define your target using our targeting tool and use the "request a quotation" button. We will then confirm your target and, if necessary, help you fine-tune it. Please read step 2 & 3 before sending your request.

Step 2 - Define the Information You Need

Do you need just a marketing list, or more?
At compuBase, we have a wide range of information available. The information may vary depending on the type of companies you want to reach. For example, for a reseller, we can narrow it down to the type of products they resell and even the brand. Similarly, for an ISV, we can identify the vertical they are addressing and the technical platform they are using.
With compuBase, you have the option to order basic lists, customized lists with the modules of information of your choice, or full profiles with all available information.
  • You will need to indicate the fields of data you require. The most frequently requested information includes address, telephone number, company size, vertical address, and detailed activities (you can see the complete list here).
  • Additionally, you need to specify the contact positions you require, especially if you want a marketing list. In full profiles, we provide all contacts we have for a company, which can range from one to more than 50 contacts, depending on the company size. Please indicate the department and level (e.g., Senior level for Sales & Marketing). If there's only one contact needed, you can also provide a priority order, such as 1 Sales, 2 Marketing, default MD.

Step 3 - Define the Data Delivery Preferences

There are various options to define here:
  • What format of delivery do you require? Excel, CSV, or other?
  • Is it a one-time delivery, or do you need updates? If updates are required, we can deliver them via Web Service, FTP, etc.
  • Would you like permanent access to your target and use our targeting tools?
    If so, you will benefit from access to the latest updates on your target, the targeting module, matching modules, etc.
    Please indicate also how many user seats you will need.
    If you want to know more about our subscription
Feel free to contact us for any further questions or assistance regarding the process. We are here to help you make your sales and marketing strategy successful with IT partners.

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