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Collecting the information in the database

How does compuBase collect information? 
compuBase uses different means to collect information, however, the telephone remains our primary means of contact. Our consultants call companies to rank them or to update information on them. This search for information is facilitated by the use of interactive questionnaires which are specifically adapted to each company's business, so as to ask only the most relevant questions. compuBase also gathers information through self-ranking by companies on the web, and by enriching our base via our numerous partnerships.

How do you get the TO for companies?

It is difficult to learn a company's turnover. It is often confidential information. To obtain this information, we first ask the company directly, and then we use the services of companies specializing in this type of information. If no official or declared figure is available, we use simulation models to estimate a company's turnover. These models use powerful algorithms to make calculations based on companies with similar businesses and scale, whose turnover is officially known.

How do you check the accuracy of the information in your base?

Mistakes are constantly sought out by the quality manager for each country, and by the information base quality manager. Furthermore, we use software to highlight companies showing inconsistencies. The company files are also sent to the company in question for verification.

Why do companies supply their information? What is their interest in doing so?

Their interest is twofold:

- firstly they appear free of charge in numerous sites that use compuBase data for their IT directories
- secondly, manufacturers regularly use our data to find new partners or to inform their partners. Being in the base enables them to stay well informed.
- thirdly, resellers can use free of charge our www.compubase.biz market place to find stock availability from distributors. A tool that saves their time.

Information in the database

Which businesses are covered by the compuBase base?

compuBase covers three areas of business: IT, telecoms, and digital products for the home (home digital). compuBase gathers and analyses information in these areas for all the companies present in these markets: manufacturers, publishers, services companies and of course distributors. compuBase does not have an end-user database, (neither for companies nor for individuals). However, our clients sometimes use our database as part of campaigns aimed at end users, since these companies are heavy consumers of technological products and services.

Is the information contained in your database correct?

By definition, an information base is never correct because it is always an image of the past. This past depends on update cycles and procedures. Having said that, compuBase constantly invests to obtain the best possible quality. The question to ask is not whether the base is 100% up to date but if can you find a more up-to-date base on the market.

Do you cover every company in a country?

compuBase does not seek to cover 100% of a territory, this would be too expensive for our clients. However, we are committed to providing information bases covering 65% of companies that represent 85% of the turnover in that country.

Which positions are held by the contacts in the database?

We cover more than 350 different positions, but the most common ones in the base are sales, technical, marketing and of course administration.

What is depth?

Depth corresponds to the level of information provided about a company. This information is marketed in the form of modules or complete files.

What  depth information is available?

The depth of information  is useful in two ways: to make selections (the information serves as the selection criterion) or to enrich one's database.
Our offer is organized into information modules.
The first module is called the Basic Formula. It includes the company name, address, telephone and contact, but the most often selected offer is the Advanced formule which includes as well web site and contact email.
There are more than 20 different modules of additional information. The information modules are often topical, e.g.: Telecom or network product resale module, or technical and business skills module. The client determines the depth by choosing the modules relevant to his business. For clients who want many modules, we offer options in the form of complete files, which is more economical than buying individual modules.

Are all files qualified to the same depth?

No they aren't, for several reasons. The questions asked depend on various factors, including the type of business (the questions asked of a reseller differ from those asked of a publisher). Furthermore, despite the persistence of our consultants, some companies are very discrete about their business. The depth is therefore variable. The price of the different modules or files take this variability into account.

Why are some brands absent from your nomenclature?

We only reference the top brands for each type of product, not all existing names.

How come some brands do not appear in the brands distributed to a reseller when it is well known that a reseller distributes that particular brand and you already have that information?

The question we ask companies is: "Which are the three leading brands you distribute?" If the brand does not appear, it's because the reseller has not cited it. We limit ourselves to the three leading brands because these are generally the brands with which the reseller works regularly .

Updating the information in the database

What is the cycle of  information update?

The update cycle on a given list varies according countries and activity between 9th and 18 months. Updates are generally triggered by the date of the last input, but factors such as a merger, a move, a reorganization or a buy back may also trigger an update.

What does the concept of a single update entail?

Updating entails refreshing a previously acquired file or base. This makes it possible to purge from your base those companies or contacts that have disappeared, and to update your data with the latest available information from the compuBase database.

What does the concept of update subscription entail?

Subscription is a concept that is broader than a single update, since it not only renews the data but also maintains the marketing potential of your base by replacing those companies that have disappeared with new ones that are part of your subscription target.
A subscription involves the following variables: the target (your selection), the depth of information (the data to which you have access), and the volume (number of files).
Each company that disappears is generally replaced by a new one. This is made possible by the constant growth in compuBase coverage rates.

What does the concept of qualification entail?

A company is qualified when it is created in the compuBase base. This consists of gathering the basic information that allows it to be present in the compuBase base. This information depends on the company's primary activity.

How do you find newcomers for the database?

This is a laborious task consisting of sifting through the IT press, trade show directories, manufacturer lists and of course the Internet.

What is an NTFA

NFTA means “Not found At This Address” posts offices uses various terms according countries that does not coincide each other, that’s why we have used our own acronym. For example USPO uses “Undeliverable-As-Addressed” Royal mail “Undeliverable Mail” , France "NPAI"...

What is your postal address, fax and e-mail error rate?

In general the postal address error rate is less than 2%. For faxes, it is higher since technical problems not associated with data quality may come into play (disconnected or jammed fax machine…); the rate is generally between 8 and 12%. For e-mail, the rate is more difficult to determine since a returned e-mail can be generated for many reasons, without the e-mail address being wrong. compuBase does not recommend using e-mail as the sole means of prospecting and making marketing contacts. The deliverability of our emails is checked each month.

Are you data GDPR compliant?

Yes they are. For more information please consult the Data & Privacy section

I want my name to be removed from your database, what should I do?

Just send us an email with the name of company an contact name, you must use your professional email. 



What is a target?

A target is defined by using the information contained in the compuBase database. This information is used with the aid of selection criteria that make it possible to create groups of companies corresponding to the client's search.

Is it possible to have  exclusive access to information on a target?

No exclusive rights are granted because they conflict with the philosophy of data syndication promoted by compuBase.
It is this syndication that makes it possible to reduce costs and increase quality.

Accessing the information in the database

How is the information accessed?

We deliver the information in the form of files or databases, either via an online access or in a format which has been determined with our consulting services.
Our data offer includes file leasing, data purchase, and permanent online data access via www.compubase.biz

What happens if I want to change targets or information depth in my subscription?

You can change targets or depth at any time. You will be invoiced for the new files or information that is not part of your previous subscription. The charge for the subscription will be recalculated according to your new volume or depth. compuBase's main advantage in this context is that it relieves you of merge and purge operations. This operation is therefore fast and economical.

Does the data purchased from compuBase belong to me?

In all cases, compuBase grants you a non-exclusive right of use.
The option chosen determines whether this right is for single or multiple users and whether it is limited or unlimited in time.
Under no circumstances do you have the right to sell access to data purchased from compuBase for your own use to a third party.

Can I do a joint campaign with a partner using compuBase data?

You may run a campaign with a partner only if your name appears as primary agent of the campaign. In other cases, it is not possible without prior agreement from compuBase.

I am in a group. Can I share the purchased data with a subsidiary or parent company, or a co-venture?

No, not unless otherwise provided for in our agreements. Contact your consultant for more information.

What does the concept of online license involve?

The online license is an access right granted to a user. This license is granted for a period of time associated with access to the data (generally for successive one-year periods). The license update is included in the data update calculation. Different types of online license give different access rights.

What is the least expensive solution for gaining access to the information contained in your base?

Our solutions start at 325€, it is our Open Access Formula that gives access to our full database with credit system to consult and/or export data.

Is there a discount for volume purchases?


Why the price per records varies? Do you have a price list to provide

Our price / file takes into account many variables such as the number of companies in your target, the number of contacts, the countries, the criteria used to define a target and the information provided.
We do not use a price list that could be shared with third parties as we use software that takes all of the above to calculate the price.

How can I integrate compuBase data into my information system?

compuBase delivers its data in standard Excel format, but you may also ask for it to be delivered in Access, Text, CSV at no additional charge.
For information bases containing several tables linked to one another by an ID code (relational format), the tables are delivered in Pivot format in text with a description of this format.
This pivot format does not change, so you can develop your integration software without worrying about future format versions.

Can I get reimbursed for compuBase address errors?

Yes, this is stated in the general conditions of sale. Please refer to them for further information.

I have lots of mail shots to do but to differing targets. Can I receive a preferential rate considering the total volume?

Yes, we have an option called "Contact Credit". This option is especially well suited to training companies and the press group as part of recruiting new readers. Please contact our marketing consultant for more information about this option.


Our database and you

Why shouldn't I create my own base? Why should I use your services?

Of course you can do it for yourself. However, your energy would certainly be better spent concentrating on your own core business.

What should I do if I already have an information base? Can I purchase only the data I don't have?

If your purpose is to pay solely for the share of information you don't have, then the answer is no. If it is a matter of ensuring technically that you won't have any problems with two files you wish to purge, then the answer is yes.

Which compuBase data should I integrate into my base?

To find out if you need to integrate data into your system, ask yourself the following questions:

- Is the update process defined? (Is the budget allocated? Is the budget sustainable?)
- Is this data strategic for my business?

If the answer to either of these questions is ” No” , then include the data, but don't manage the update yourself (see Prohibit any change).
The data can be refreshed periodically by simple replacement,using the unique company ID code supplied by compuBase.

compuBase doesn't cover a country or a target that interests me! Can compuBase create the base?

It is compuBase's ambition to be a global player, which means covering the globe in terms of those businesses that are part of the IT and telecom world. However, this desire goes hand in hand with a search for economic relevance. We are therefore prepared to expand our coverage to another country or to some other particular target if this expansion provides a win-win solution. From a technical and organisational standpoint, compuBase can cover any country and provide an information base within two to six months, depending on the scale and difficulty of the target.

I clearly chose the wrong target. Can I make this up?

You have one week after receiving the information base to report this to us. We will ask you to sign a commitment not to use the data supplied, and we will work with you on your new target. To avoid this type of inconvenience, don't hesitate to ask us for some sample files for the target you've selected.

I forgot to purchase some information. What should I do? Do I have to pay for everything again?

Ask for the missing information and we will deliver it to you. Only this new information will be invoiced if the time between the first and second deliveries is less than one month.

I purchased a file 3, 6, 8, 15 months ago, and I want to update it. What should I do?

If you purchased an information base less than one year ago, you receive a discount on the update. Contact your marketing consultant to find out what conditions apply to your case. Generally speaking, individual updates cost more than an update subscription. If you plan on purchasing an information base, select the update option or online access option.

Our database and our partners

Do you work with partners or companies that resell your services?

We have a network of partners, some of whom are accredited and market all or part of what we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to become a new partner.

I've seen that your partner agencies have several levels of partnership. What does this mean?

The partnership level depends on their ability to market all or some of the compuBase solutions, and on their business involvement with compuBase.

Should I work directly with you, or work with my agency that collaborates with you?

Financially speaking, there's no great difference. The prices SET by our partners on our services are similar to ours. The choice of working with compuBase or with an agent that works with compuBase will depend on the type of operation you conduct. If your goal is to build the partners information base architecture, or if you want to fully utilise compuBase information in our own base, we recommend that you work directly with us. If the compuBase data is a subsection of a larger project that does not fall within the area of compuBase expertise, we recommend that you work with your agency, who will serve as integrator

How do I register my company in the compuBase base?

By going to our referencing plaform here .

You have another question... contact us.


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