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ICT Channel in Austria

Overview of IT & Telecom distribution in Austria, including essential information to develop indirect sales, partners such as IT resellers, ISVs, MSP, Vars...

ICT Channel in Austria

ICT Market Tendencies

Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Its economic and market model closely follows the Germanic pattern. This is the main reason why some IT companies are able to take advantage of its proximity with Germany or Switzerland to manage their Austrian businesses from a distance.

The Austrian ICT market appears to be international regarding the IT sector and is highly industrialized. Its size is estimated at 2% of the EU market, with an equal distribution split between the IT and the telecommunications sectors. The continuous development of new technologies together with the broadening of the market will contribute to stimulating demand for new applications related to networks, optical storage, image processing, multimedia services and more.

E-commerce sites, mainly SMB oriented, will also pursue their sluggish growth. Niche markets like security are also perceived as determinant factors for many of the top growth drivers in the IT market today, together with the virtualization, which opens the door to new business configurations; they also include Web related services and solutions, mashups and further composite applications.

Most of the large IT companies are around the capital Wien.

The following image shows the concentration of ICT partners in our database for Austria.
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ICT Channel in Austria

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Distribution players: 
Ingram Micro GmbH ; Tech Data Österreich GmbH ; ALSO Austria 
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Computer Partner (IDG) ; Computer Welt (IT VERLAG)
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ADV Arbeitsgem. für Datenverarbeitung




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