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Creating your indirect sales channel

You're thinking of establishing an indirect sales channel, but would first like to understand your market better - compuBase can help.
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You have decided to create your own indirect sales network

  •  The decision to broach a new market requires considerable research and market analyses. In order to have a clear view of the indirect sales environment you need accurate, up-to-date market figures, information on key market players and some direct contacts to help you in the process.
  • Once you've decided to create your own distribution network, you need to find your own partners. You want to be able to cross-reference market criteria, search for companies, and consult their data - all within limited budget. compuBase has a range of solutions that allow you to do this
See our services to support you in recruiting your first partners

Create Your Own Company Selections With Our Online Selection Tool

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compuBase has developed a very powerful but easy to access tool. It allows you to perform targeting and instantly know the volume of potential partners for your activity. The counting functions are accessible without subscription.


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