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Client references

Since the company's creation over 20 years ago, compuBase has worked with virtually all the major manufacturers and software publishers. Here are a few client cases that illustrate our skills.


Client references
  • Ranking of new companies in the client database to qualify their IT activity and incorporation of this information into the Also'Actebis database. See the associated service


Client references


Client references
  • Integration of the compuBase base into their own and creation of a direct link allowing their CRM to directly call up the corresponding compuBase file. See the associated service 


Client references
  • Linking of our data and their European base to study the strengths and weaknesses of their distribution network, purging their information base and adding missing information. See the associated service
  • Regular delivery of updates for these bases.See the associated service


Client references
  • Segmentation of our database according to Microsoft's internal segmentation and creation of private access for Microsoft to be able to have online use of their proprietary criteria, combined with those of compuBase. See the associated service

  • Integration into the Microsoft website of a referencing platform for software publishers to enable end users to find a solution to match their business. See the associated service

  • European study on 2,400 software publishers with interviews in 10 languages and submitted personalised reports for 15 European countries See the associated service



Client references
  • OKI Systèmes France commissioned a compuBase study to analyse their position on the French market for printing systems compared to that of their competitors. compuBase performed a detailed analysis of OKI's main competitors examining the share of wallet by OKI for each of their resellers, as well as the potential SOW for resellers with whom OKI was not yet working in order to didentify potental new partners for them. See the associated service


Client references


Client references
  • Benchmarking of the SYMANTEC distribution network against the market and competition in several countries 
  • Online access to a partner databases. See the associated service


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