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Ranking module or how to know the reselling turnover per product

The compuBase Ranking module (for the assessment and modelisation of resale turnover per product) is integrated into the compuBase-online application.
It is also available on demand, as part of the BMS offering (Benchmarking - Ranking - Scoring)

What is the objective of the Ranking module?

Using the Ranking module, compuBase can provide you with the turnover realised by any reseller headquarters for the product you are interested in.
To achieve this, we work on the data collected by compuBase and models based on our extensive market coverage. With 120,000 referenced companies, compuBase has developed very reliable statistical models.
Knowing the turnover by product is much more useful than knowing the global turnover of a company, as you can compare this information with your sales and then know your share of wallet by sales point / region / market, etc.
Many companies have large product catalogues and/or of sale services that make the company turnover difficult to interpret accurately.

What are the advantages of a Ranking ? How do I use it?

  • Recruitment:
Our client cases have shown us that when you focus on companies with very high potential, you increase your recruitments by 4.

By knowing your share of wallet, you will be able to improve the way you work with your partners depending on their business potential (incremental or total) and not just  according to the turnover realised with them.
With the Ranking, you can also know the sensibility of a reseller to a certain product. Indeed, you can tell that a reseller who makes 100% of his turnover in your product category is different from a reseller who makes only 3% of  turnover on the same product, however both resellers may be making the same turnover with you…

Theses approaches allow you to accelerate your increase in revenue and to adapt your business resources to the real potential of any given account.

Market appraisal (Market Sizing / Market Capacity):
This service can also be very useful to calculate Market Capacity exercises for most products. You will be able to calculate your business potential by:
- Region
- Type of contact
- Market Target
The compuBase’s Consulting team will assist you in this operation because market appraisal requires product knowledge, the data in our database and the appropriate  methodology to gather information.
For a new sales team, market appraisal can be used to calculate the potential for each target market.

Who can access to the online Ranking? How much does it cost?

3 possible options:

1) The Ranking option is available for any compuBase online subscriber at Expert level.
This module is an optional module that has its own subscription.

2) If you have another level of subscription, please contact a consultant
to discuss the conditions of your subscription.

Whatever your subscription level, you will have to choose the Ranking modules you need (see the different categories below).

The Ranking depends on the number of modules chosen and the number of data files concerned.

3) For  non-subscribers, compuBase can make a Ranking on demand, for a  specific operation.

How reliable is a Ranking? What is your process?

To perform a Ranking, we start with the data available in the compuBase database.

Most companies in our database supply answers to the questions we ask but for some companies we don't have the information requested. We therefore use modelisation to calculate the relevant information for use in the ranking.

Modelisation incorporates many factors: the main activity of the company, the structure of the turnover already known, the company turnover, the number of employees, the country, etc.The resulting information is relevant because it is based on a statistical database of over 120,000 companies. 

The ranking result represents a range for  turnover, for example: between 250 K€ and 325 K€ of turnover made for laserjet printers.
To make a ranking easier to use, compuBase also supplies a median (middle of the range) and a reliance grade or a solidity grade that is calculated according to the number of models used to reach the result.

compuBase certifies that the result will be correct for 80 % to 90 % of the companies, which means that if you were to ask the company for the information we calculate, the reality would be within the range supplied by compuBase.

Which products can be targeted in a Ranking?

There are 7 different module options.

System Ranking Module:
Ranking available on the following products: Server, Laptop, PDA, Station, Light PC, Mainframe, Desktop (normal / assembled)

Networks Ranking Module:
Ranking available on the following products: Wifi Equipment, Network Cards, PBX, Hub-Switch-Routeur, security administration softwares, OS networks, Storage management softwares

Packaged Software Ranking Module:
Ranking available on the following products: Office automation, CRM and management, vertical, Games-Family, storage softwares, security softwares

Printing Ranking Module:
Ranking available on the following products: black & white laserjet, color laserjet, All-In-One, Inkjet, matrix, other printers

Storage Ranking Module:
Ranking available on the following products: DAS, SAN, NAS, fiber optic component, magnetic tape reader, optical storage, storage software

Office Automation Ranking Module:
Ranking available on the following products: Copier and All-In-One copier, fax, telephone (except PBX), Consumable, other office automation products

Big Headings Ranking Module:
Ranking available for the following categories: System Product, Network/Telecom Product, Packaged Software, All-In-One printer, peripheral storage, other peripheral, office automation and consumable product, other technological products, non-IT-sales.
This module is for wholesalers and only gives access to the mentioned headings.

What is the difference between the compuBase-online Ranking module and a Ranking via our service offering?

compuBase proposes two types of Ranking:

The Subscription compuBase online Expert level with Ranking, which has the following characteristics:
- day-to-day updating of the Ranking results
- access to any company profile
- an unlimited number of Rankings during your subscription
- longtime operation

The Ranking on demand (Service offering - RMS), which has the  following characteristics:
- more consulting support
- double phone check of the 200 biggest companies
- no obligation to subscribe
- separate purchase of the complete data cards
- single delivery for one specific operation

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