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Update your database

You already have a database, from compuBase or another supplier, and you are looking to acquire a new compuBase information base. As an ICT professional, you know that your investment will lose its value over time. The only way to maintain its marketing potential is to keep the data up to date.

Data evolution
Data evolution
Updating is a major factor in the cost of maintaining an information base. Statistically, 60% of a company's information changes every year: 5 to 15% of businesses disappear or merge and 6 to 8% of businesses move. In companies still in operation, the staff turnover rate is around 20 to 25%.
As an indication, since 10 years, 40 % of companies that were existing at that time are no longer in activity, either because the have collapsed either because they have been acquired or merged
IT and telecoms is a fast-moving sector in which a company with a handful of employees can become a multinational in a few years. The role of compuBase is to create methods to keep this data always within our clients' reach.
5 years ago there were very few MSPs now there are many.
What to do if:

You already have an information base and you want to refresh its data. See our Data-linked services
You have acquired a compuBase information base some time ago, and you'd like to refresh its data contact our sales & marketing departments to find the best solution.
You've just acquired or are going to acquire a compuBase information base and you would like to have regular updates. contact our sales & marketing departments to plan your solution.

60 % of content changes over a one year period

 Once you've acquired an information base and want to use it more than once, update management becomes a real challenge. It is important to accept the fact that, regardless of the method used, it will undoubtedly involve a cost.

More information on the cost of maintaining an information base


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