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Integrating compuBase data

The mission of compuBase is to facilitate collaboration and business between professionals in the ICT market through the services and solutions we offer.
We have a wide range of web services to help you promote your visibility in the ICT ecosystem or to smooth the path of doing business.

Using web services, compuBase provides webmasters with data modules which they can integrate into their web sites enabling them to enrich their ecosystem with access to on-line directories of products, solutions or services and their suppliers
Based on the largest database of ICT market players in EMEA and our in house xBase© technology, these directories enable site visitors to make multi-criteria data searches:

• For products, solutions or company information

• By product category or key word

• By product name, publisher or manufacturer, or by requirement

The advantage of this system is that the webmaster can define exactly which companies should show in the directory, without having all the issues associated with data maintenance, since the information is stored in the compuBase database. 

Some example of possible services

- Display a directory of IT professionals into your website: on a list of selected companies, or a target defined using compubase criteria, we will present a directory and profiles of companies. The information of these companies will be updated automatically, the information displayed will depend on your choice. 
Ideal if you want to promote your partners.

- Display statistical tables on IT activities into your web site; on a target of your choice, we present tables with counts. 
You can choose the column and rows according to the topic you want to present to the public.
Statistics are automatically updated by compubase web services.
Ideal for increasing the content of your website without managing updates.

- Display the availability of stocks of your products from your main distributors into your website; on a list of selected products and from the distributors of your choice, we can display where the products are available. Ideal for those who need to inform or animate their distribution channel.

- Integrate the availability of stocks of your distributors in our website; if the catalog of your products is not yet present on our site, we can, from your distributor's stock, download their availability and price. Ideal for manufacturers or distributors who want to expand the visibility of their products.


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