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The Channel Review

The Channel Review is a study which aims to provide an overview of distribution channel coverage in relation to a target market.

The aim of a Channel Review is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a distribution network.
The target market is made up of partners who commercialize a given type of solution.
For a Channel Review we compare the distribution channel of the brand studied with the target market.

Channel Review content - Graphs and tables

Included in a Channel Review
Brand Position:               
·              vs. size of partners (Number of employees) charts and table
·              vs. size of partners (Revenue) charts and table
·              vs. type of partners (Main activities) and Revenue organization
·              vs. partner’s resale activities charts and table
·              vs. partner’s type of products in catalogue for resale charts and table
·              vs. partner’s revenue by products charts and table
·              vs. geographical coverage charts by COUNTRY local territories
·              vs. partners client’s type of target coverage charts and table
·              vs. partners client’s type of target revenue charts and table
·              vs. partners client’s market (vertical market) charts and table
·              vs. partners client’s skills (technical, OS,) charts and table
·              vs. partner sales methods         
The Channel Review

About the methodology:

-          Results are provided  in the form of rate of coverage and discrepancies between the target market and the channel under study. The methodology implies that the compuBase database is a good representation of the market being studied (in terms of value and volume), it does not imply that compuBase provides  exhaustive market coverage.
-          As each company counts as one unit, the absence of certain large clients from the matching does not impact the quality of the results as long as the rate of matching is identical for each segment.

At best the Channel Review shows brand position (in terms of rate of coverage) for top partners identified as strongly contributing to the market, but it does not reveal their share of wallet.

Read a client case study for the Channel Review 

For a study of coverage in terms of value and in order to see how to improve this coverage, you would need to know the TO made for the brand product at each point of sale in the channel (information that is generally available in the distributor’s sales out report). This information is then compared with the TO made for the same product category by each of the other brands studied (information available in the compuBase Channel Ranking exercise).

For a full qualitative channel analysis see the compuBase Channel Benchmarking  

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