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I have lots of mail shots to do but to differing targets. Can I receive a preferential rate considering the total volume?
Yes, we have an option called "Contact Credit". This option is especially well suited to training services and the press as part of recruiting new readers. Please contact our marketing consultant for more information about this option.
How can I pay less per records
When you are using our consulting services it include selection fees paid the time we spend with you to find the ideal target, that explain what you may consider as an high price/record, but it guarantees that the target corresponds to your needs. The alternative is that you pick up our Open access offer, the price per record decreases but it is an help yourself system.
Is there a discount for volume purchases?
Yes - contact your sales consultant to discuss this.
I purchased a file 3, 6, 8, 15 months ago, and I want to update it. What should I do?
If you purchased an information base less than one year ago, you receive a discount on the update. Contact your marketing consultant to find out what conditions apply to your case. Generally speaking, individual updates cost more than an update subscription. If you plan on purchasing an information base, select the update option or online access option.
I forgot to purchase some information. What should I do? Do I have to pay for everything again?
Ask for the missing information and we will deliver it to you. Only this new information will be invoiced if the time between the first and second deliveries is less than one month.
I clearly chose the wrong target. What can I do to rectify this?
You have one week after receiving the information base to report this to us. We will ask you to sign a commitment not to use the data supplied, and we will work with you on your new target. To avoid this type of inconvenience, don't hesitate to ask us for some sample files for the target you've selected.
What should I do if I already have an information base? Can I purchase only the data I don't have?
If your purpose is to pay solely for the share of information you don't have, then the answer is no. If it is a matter of ensuring technically that you won't have any problems with two files you wish to purge, then the answer is yes.
Why shouldn't I create my own base? Why should I use your services?
Of course you can do it for yourself. However, your energy would certainly be better spent concentrating on your own core business.
How do I register my company in the compuBase base?
By going to our Web site www.itindex.com and selecting "Get referenced."
Can I get reimbursed for compuBase address errors?
Yes, this is stated in the general conditions of sale. Please refer to them for further information.
How can I integrate compuBase data into my information system?
compuBase delivers its data in standard Excel format, but you may also ask for it to be delivered in Access, Text, or Paradox at no additional charge.
For information bases containing several tables linked to one another by an ID code (relational format), the tables are delivered in Pivot format in text with a description of this format.
This pivot format does not change, so you can develop your integration software without worrying about future format versions.
Which compuBase data should I integrate into my base?
To find out if you need to integrate data into your system, ask yourself the following questions:

- Is the update process defined? (Is the budget allocated? Is the budget sustainable?)
- Is this data strategic for my business?

If the answer to either of these questions is ” No” , then include the data, but don't manage the update yourself (see Prohibit any change).
The data can be refreshed periodically by simple replacement,using the unique company ID code supplied by compuBase.
What happens if I want to change targets or information depth in my subscription?
You can change targets or depth at any time. You will be invoiced for the new files or information that is not part of your previous subscription. The charge for the subscription will be recalculated according to your new volume or depth. compuBase's main advantage in this context is that it relieves you of merge and purge operations. This operation is therefore fast and economical.
My company is part of a group. Can I share the purchased data with a subsidiary or parent company, or a co-venture?
No, not unless otherwise provided for in our agreements. Contact your consultant for more information.
Does the data purchased from compuBase belong to me?
In all cases, compuBase grants you a non-exclusive right of use.
The option chosen determines whether this right is for single or multiple users and whether it is limited or unlimited in time.
Under no circumstances do you have the right to sell access to data purchased from compuBase for your own use to a third party.
Is it possible to have exclusive access to information on a target?
No exclusive rights are granted because they conflict with the philosophy of data syndication promoted by compuBase.
It is this syndication that makes it possible to reduce costs and increase quality.
compuBase doesn't cover a country or a target that interests me! Can compuBase create the base?
It is compuBase's ambition to be a global player, which means covering the globe in terms of those businesses that are part of the IT and telecom world. However, this desire goes hand in hand with a search for economic relevance. We are therefore prepared to expand our coverage to another country or to some other particular target if this expansion provides a win-win solution. From a technical and organisational standpoint, compuBase can cover any country and provide an information base within two to six months, depending on the scale and difficulty of the target.

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