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Our database and our partners

Working directly with compuBase or via one of our partners
Should I work directly with you, or work with my agency that collaborates with you?
Financially speaking, there's no great difference. The prices SET by our partners on our services are similar to ours. The choice of working with compuBase or with an agent that works with compuBase will depend on the type of operation you conduct. If your goal is to build the partners information base architecture, or if you want to fully utilise compuBase information in our own base, we recommend that you work directly with us. If the compuBase data is a subsection of a larger project that does not fall within the area of compuBase expertise, we recommend that you work with your agency, who will serve as integrator.
I've seen that your partner agencies have several levels of partnership. What does this mean?
The partnership level depends on their ability to market all or some of the compuBase solutions, and on their business involvement with compuBase.
Do you work with partners or companies that resell your services?
We have a network of partners, some of whom are accredited and market all or part of what we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to become a new partner.
Can I do a joint campaign with a partner using compuBase data?
You may run a campaign with a partner only if your name appears as primary agent of the campaign. In other cases, it is not possible without prior agreement from compuBase.

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