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Information updates

The answers to all your questions concerning database maintenance and updates
What does the concept of update subscription entail?
Subscription is a concept that is broader than a single update, since it not only renews the data but also maintains the marketing potential of your base by replacing those companies that have disappeared with new ones that are part of your subscription target.
A subscription involves the following variables: the target (your selection), the depth of information (the data to which you have access), and the volume (number of files).
Each company that disappears is generally replaced by a new one. This is made possible by the constant growth in compuBase coverage rates.
What does the concept of a single update entail?
Updating entails refreshing a previously acquired file or base. This makes it possible to purge from your base those companies or contacts that have disappeared, and to update your data with the latest available information from the compuBase database.
What is the cycle of information update?
The update cycle on a given file is on average less than one year. Updates are generally triggered by the date of the last input, but factors such as a merger, a move, a reorganization or a buy back may also trigger an update.

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