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Information in the database

The different types of data contained in the database
How do you find newcomers?
This is a laborious task consisting of sifting through the IT press, trade show directories, manufacturer lists and of course the Internet.
Do you cover every company in a country?
compuBase does not seek to cover 100% of a territory, this would be too expensive for our clients. However, we are committed to providing information bases covering 65% of companies that represent 85% of the turnover in that country.
What is your postal address, fax and e-mail error rate?
In general the postal address error rate is less than 2%. For faxes, it is higher since technical problems not associated with data quality may come into play (disconnected or jammed fax machine…); the rate is generally between 8 and 12%. For e-mail, the rate is more difficult to determine since a returned e-mail can be generated for many reasons, without the e-mail address being wrong. compuBase does not recommend using e-mail as the sole means of prospecting and making marketing contacts.
Is the information contained in your database correct?
By definition, an information base is never correct because it is always an image of the past. This past depends on update cycles and procedures. Having said that, compuBase constantly invests to obtain the best possible quality. The question to ask is not whether the base is 100% up to date but if can you find a more up-to-date base on the market.
What is an NPAI (MOVED)?
"NPAI" means Does Not Reside at the Indicated Address. This is generally a postal error.
How come some brands do not appear in the brands distributed to a reseller when it is well known that a reseller distributes that particular brand and you already have that information?
The question we ask companies is: "Which are the three leading brands you distribute?" If the brand does not appear, it's because the reseller has not cited it. We limit ourselves to the three leading brands because these are generally the brands with which the reseller works regularly .
Why are some brands absent from your nomenclature?
We only reference the main names for each type of product, not all existing names.
How do you check the accuracy of the information in your base?
Mistakes are constantly sought out by the quality manager for each country, and by the information base quality manager. Furthermore, we use software to highlight companies showing inconsistencies. The company files are also sent to the company in question for verification.
Are all files ranked at the same level of depth?
No they aren't, for several reasons. The questions asked depend on various factors, including the type of business (the questions asked of a reseller differ from those asked of a publisher). Furthermore, despite the persistence of our consultants, some companies are very discrete about their business. The depth is therefore variable. The price of the different modules or files take this variability into account.
What does the concept of ranking entail?
A company is ranked when it is created in the compuBase base. This consists of gathering the basic information that allows it to be present in the compuBase base. This information depends on the company's primary activity.
Which positions are held by the contacts?
We cover more than 350 different positions, but the most common ones in the base are sales, technical, marketing and of course administration.
Which businesses are covered by the compuBase base?
compuBase covers three areas of business: IT, telecoms, and digital products for the home (home digital). compuBase gathers and analyses information in these areas for all the companies present in these markets: manufacturers, publishers, services companies and of course distributors. compuBase does not have an end-user database, (neither for companies nor for individuals). However, our clients sometimes use our database as part of campaigns aimed at end users, since these companies are heavy consumers of technological products and services.

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