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Gathering the information for the database

The answers to the questions most often asked about how compuBase collects the information in the database
Why do companies supply their information? What is their interest in doing so?
Their interest is twofold:

- firstly they appear free of charge in numerous sites that use compuBase data for their IT directories
- secondly, manufacturers regularly use our data to find new partners or to inform their partners. Being in the base enables them to stay well informed.
How do you get the TO for companies?
It is difficult to learn a company's turnover.It is often confidential information. To obtain this information, we first ask the company directly, and then we use the services of companies specialising in this type of information. If no official or declared figure is available, we use simulation models to estimate a company's turnover. These models use powerful algorithms to make calculations based on companies with similar businesses and scale, whose turnover is officially known.
How does compuBase collect information?
compuBase uses different means to collect information, however, the telephone remains our primary means of contact. Our consultants call companies to rank them or to update information on them. This search for information is facilitated by the use of interactive questionnaires which are specifically adapted to each company's business, so as to ask only the most relevant questions. compuBase also gathers information through self-ranking by companies on the web, and by enriching our base via our numerous partnerships.
Some of our Clients for Consulting Services
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