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Accessing information in the database

The different subscriptions available to access the information in our database
What is the least expensive solution for gaining access to the information contained in your base?
Our solutions start at €50 / $65.
What does the concept of online license involve?
The online license is an access right granted to a user. This license is granted for a period of time associated with access to the data (generally for successive one-year periods). The license update is included in the data update calculation. Different types of online license give different access rights.
How is the information accessed?
We deliver the information in the form of files or databases, either via an online access or in a format which has been determined with our consulting services.
Our data offer includes file leasing, data purchase, and permanent ASP on line data access.
What is the depth of the available information?
The information depth is useful in two ways: to make selections (the information serves as the selection criterion) or to enrich one's database.
Our offer is organised into information modules.
The first module is called the Base Module. It includes the company name, address, telephone and contact.
There are more than 20 different modules of additional information. The information modules are often topical, e.g.: Telecom or network product resale module, or technical and business skills module. The client determines the depth by choosing the modules relevant to his business. For clients who want many modules, we offer options in the form of complete files, which is more economical than buying individual modules.
What is depth?
Depth corresponds to the level of information provided about a company. This information is marketed in the form of modules or complete files.

Some of our clients

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