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Data cleaning / merging

Database Enrichment, Merge, Purge , Profile and Cleaning

Would you build your house on quicksand? Your CRM or PRM software and your sales and marketing teams will only be able to give their all if the data they work with is relevant, complete and up-to-date. Working closely with our clients, compuBase has...

Update your database

You already have a database, from compuBase or another supplier, and you are looking to acquire a new compuBase information base. As an ICT professional, you know that your investment will lose its value over time. The only way to maintain its...

Updating information: comparing methods

As soon as you’ve acquired an information base, it starts to lose its value, and update management becomes a challenge. What you have to keep in mind is that, whatever your strategy, even if you’ve decided to do nothing, it will involve a cost. So...
Some of our Clients for Data and Marketing Services
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