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Investing in an information base or a simple data file is a significant act. Other expenses are engaged on the back of such an investment: a marketing team, a mailing campaign, a telemarketing operation….
Statistically, the costs incurred are 10 to 15 times greater than the information base costs. This fully justifies a significant first investment. As not all databases are equal, how can this risk be managed?
compuBase strives to guarantee these qualitative commitments to its clients. We have developed some rules to ensure you of our professionalism.

Reimbursement x5 for MOVEDs beginning with the 1st return: We pledge to reimburse you five times the price of the base module (purchase or lease) for your returned mail, beginning with the very first return. No file is 100% correct, and generally accepted rates are from 1 to 3%; if we reimburse beginning with the first returned mail, it's because for us this reimbursement is part of our quality processes, to speed up the updating of the information base. Of course, you need to follow a few simples rules, such as using the file quickly after it is delivered.

A manager to hand le quality issues: we pledge to treat your quality comments with the utmost attention. A quality manager is responsible for informing you of the results on any question that you may ask us.

Allowing mistakes: A targeting error is always possible, through a misunderstanding or a terminology mistake; if, when you receive the rile, you find that the supplied target differs from what you were expecting, we will replace it for you at no cost (so long as you have not used the file and you request the replacement within the first week after delivery).

Well-established quality control processes: We are constantly investing in improving our quality processes, whether for the services offered or for the data supplied to our clients.

We are convinced that a client who points out a problem to us is a client who appreciates us. So don't hesitate: help us serve you better.

If, despite our best efforts, you find that an issue has not bee resolved, don't hesitate, contact us


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