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Accessing the database via compuBase.biz

compuBase provides a user friendly online platform to access our database, which optimises ROI and simplifies the work of your team members, be they in marketing, sales or research.

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This platform provides a web access to the data you have purchased ensuring you have the latest available updates.

Access to the data is therefore determined according to:
  • the pre-defined target selected ,
  • the option selected,
  • the depth selected.
Each subscription user will receive an individual access license adapted to their needs.
  • Administrator License
  • Analyst License
  • Marketing License
  • User License

Main features available:
  • Perimeter / Target: These are defined at the time of subscription. It is possible to restrict access to certain users. The target is chosen by the administrator.
  • Language: 2 available languages (English, French); the language is selected by the user.
  • Direct search: search by company name, tel., fax, contact, etc…This is a very powerful tool module.
  • Viewing a company profile: compuBase presents the information on a company in the form. This form includes the modules you have acquired.
  • Selecting a target: The selection module is both simple and powerful. The information available in your subscription is classified under a heading and criteria, and a target can be selected intuitively.
  • Marketing Export: Exporting a target for your direct marketing campaigns can be done in a few seconds. You will receive the file in Excel format in your mailbox.
  • Data Export: Exporting data for integration or a more detailed analysis can also be done very simply. You will receive the file in Excel format in your mailbox.
  • Import / Duplicate Elimination: Youcan perform simple merge and purge between the compuBase data and your data.
  • Personalisation: You can add private comments to a file, add references (ID Number, client code), dates, chains, etc., and export them at the same time as the compuBase data.
  • Statistics: A statistical module will help you do your basic statistics.
  • Matching tool: you can match your data against ours in order to exclude records or to enrich your data.
  • Administration feature: any time you can monitor use of your online access, assign licenses, restrict access...

Access to the different functions depends on the license type.

> See the functions available by license type

Special features

Personalized export: compuBase can design personalized exports in order to facilitate integration of the data into your own information base.

Relational export: compuBase has created up a Pivot export format that lets you easily and constantly import large volumes of data.

CRM Link: The Direct Link feature is one that allows your CRM to open a compuBase file online. That is, starting with your CRM and a client or prospect file, the user can click on a button or link and open the corresponding file located in compuBase online. This feature avoids integrating non-strategic data into your CRM while enabling your users to get all the company information maintained by compuBase.

> See product description Direct Link

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