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The compuBase.biz Matching tool is available

The compuBase database is a very large database that covers more than 175,000 IT companies on 5 continents. Now we are aware that you too have your own data, and you may need to compare our data with yours to either enrich it, remove it from a target, do an analysis, or even expand a list of companies to other group entities.
We explain how it works and the possible uses.

What is the matching tool?

The compuBase.biz Matching tool is available
Matching consists of comparing a list of records that you have uploaded to our database to find the companies or entities that correspond.

The correspondence can be made from several reconciliation "keys":

- compuBase id (cpyCode) from a previously acquired file
- Websites
Coming soon
- Official company registration numbers (HRB, SIREN, COMPANY NUMBER etc...) 
- and others that will be added over time.

compuBase.biz is the platform that gives you access to our data (either in self-service mode, in credit mode with the Open Access formula or in subscriber mode). In this platform you have many features including the matching feature

You have access to this feature
- either via the Data/targeting menu with the matching choice 

- either by going through the topic menu (on the left) and choosing Matching in the section 
Go to the matching tool via the topic menu

- Either directly by going to the targeting tool and choosing the Matching action. 

If you have an issue using the matching tool please see the help

What uses and what benefits?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of uses and benefits.

Uses and Benefits of the Matching Tool
Usages Benefits
 Delete companies already in your database from a list to export thanks the compuBase targeting module  Avoid duplicates, reduce costs
 Extract information from compuBase database to enrich your database  Find new contacts, email, fill in turnover, number of employees, skills etc....
 Extend your address to all of the group's entities.  From a web list you will be able to retrieve all the entities in a country or in several countries.
 Consolidate an internal list with a compuBase target.  Extract in the same target both the companies that are part of your list but also the target that you will have defined at compuBase
 Analyze a list of companies, you client, prospects...  Once matched, you can analyze your company with the statistical tools provided by compuBase.
 Sub-segmenting a list  Once matched, you can use compuBase criteria to reduce and better address your contacts.
 Create complex targets  Add your list with our pre-established targeting to create larger or smaller lists.


Features according subscription level

The use of the matching tool varies according to your level of access:
Features/ Subscription Visitor Member / Premium Member Open Access
Data & Web
Matching enable l l l l
Open and use the matching wizzard l l l l
Launch a matching on compuBase ID (cpycode) No l
 Volume max 5,000
 Volume max 5,000
 Volume max 10,000
Launch a matching on file containing fields (Web site, national ID...) No l
Volume max 5,000
Volume max 5,000
Volume max 10,000
Receive an email with a summary of the matching result No l l l
Save a result as a a private selection for use with other compuBase criteria No No l l
Receive a Matching Report with the original file and the indication of records matched No No l l
See the profiles of matched records No No Yes if credited
(you can credit the records)
Yes on the companies within the scope of the subscription
Export the profiles of matched records with compuBase data No No Yes if credited (you can credit the records) Yes on the companies within the scope of the subscription

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