Channel Review for Samsung

Channel Review for Samsung

The client need:
 - Samsung wanted to analyse its position and coverage for the printer, display and mobile product markets in France.

- They also wanted to identify  which specific partner profile they should recruit and to acquire an additional databse of high potential partners. 

The compuBase solution:

The « Channel Review » study

 The Channel Review compares a specific distribution network's coverage with the market.
Samsung  wanted 3 studies - for the  display, mobile products and print markets
Each study comprised two analyses : 

1. The targeted market (Ex : Print, Display...)
2. The client's market  with regard to the targeted market  

The case study for Samsung
Samsung asked compuBase to add to each study a comparaison to highlight coverage of  partners listed on the Samsung dealer website (STEP). 

The different steps for this Channel Review were: 

Determine the scope of the data to be studied

Select the best approach for the study in order to answer the major questions posed

Analysis of the data by compuBase

Delivery of the final reports to Samsung 

Deliverables et delay
Deliverables : Report in Excel format  with statistics, graphs and tables 
Delay : 3 weeks following reception of Samsung's partner database

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