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Subscriptions to the database

Comparison of the different ways to access to our data

The following table summarizes the pros and cons for each of the three ways you can purchase our data: datafile purchase, subscription to the database or purchase of data credits.
Your database requirements vary whether you are a...

Comparison of content and access type by Formula

compuBase solutions are a combination of several factors: a target, a depth of information, and a commercial offering. Below is a list of content available by type of offering: DEPTH AVAIBILITY ACCORDING THE OFFERS BELOW LIST OF CONTACTS...

Delivery format – and other useful information

By default, compuBase delivers its marketing files in the form of Excel files. An information base may be delivered in relational format. English French

compuBase.biz features by license type

For Data & Web Formula subscribers there are different types of licenses, the table below shows the differences. There is at least one administrator per subscription. Your database requirements vary whether you are a database administrator, an...
1 2
Some of our Clients for Data and Marketing Services
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