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Delivery format – and other useful information

By default, compuBase delivers its marketing files in the form of Excel files. An information base may be delivered in relational format.

Standard delivery languages supported by compuBase online.

  • English
  • French

File formats:

  • Excel – default format
  • Access (on request)
  • Text – fixed field length (on request)
  • Delimited text (on request)

Delivery formats:

• Text – fixed field length(default)
• Excel

Technical documents
• English

• Latin font
• Cyrillic (Russian)

Index or reference tables
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
All text fields filled in by the company itself are in the input language (generally the country's language)

Distinctive regional features

  • Belgium / Switzerland – Language of the contact when known.
  • Belgium / Switzerland – Company's dominant language (according to geographic location)
  • Germany / Italy – Honorific title
  • Russia – Cyrillic database – Company name in both alphabets
  • France – NAF business code

Link keys

compuBase ID – "CPY CODE": Unique code never reassigned
BvDid: for companies under contract with BvD, the BVD id can be supplied for about 60% of companies.
Dun’s id: for companies under contract with D&B, the Dun's od can be supplied for about 60% of companies.
National codes:
  • VAT Number
and for 
  • France: SIREN and SIRET
  • Germany: HRB
  • UK: Company Number

Group link keys

  • Group code – comparison


  • Telephone, fax, mobile: as written in the country.
  • Company: common company name, official company name, Acronym
  • Postal code and city: Standardized
  • Country code: ISO standard
  • non-compuBase activity coding: NACE (except for France: NAF)

Available address fields (fill)

  • Postal address (100%)
  • Company e-mail address (variable)
  • Telephone (100%) few companies without a public telephone number are present. in that case the tel is 0000000000
  • Fax (90%)
  • Contact's direct telephone, Mobile: Variable according countries  (around 10%)
  • Contact's e-mail address Variable according countries  (> 65%)
  • Contacts social network (>60% of the contacts) 


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