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Channel Ranking for Tech Data

Channel Ranking for Tech Data
The client need:
TECH DATA SAS FRANCE wanted to accelerate  partner recruitement via a Ranking in order to know partners' turnover  per Business Unit. Tech Data therefore gave compuBase its partner database so that compuBase could carry our a matching with the companies in our database. 
The aim was :
  • To identify partners with high TO in resale that had not yet worked with Tech Data 
  • To increase the TO  for Tech Data's current partners by estimating their potential  per Business Unit Tech Data / Azlan
The compuBase solution:

A Ranking study
 compuBase performed the following tasks:
After matching the databases,  we gave Tech Data the information they would need to expand their product range with the matched partners. This approach was based on two things:
  • The estimated TO for each partner
  • Each partner's scoring from a qualitative point of view (i.e.: their affinity with the commercialisation of a particular  category of products)
For each partner,  compuBase supplied the following:
  • An estimation of TO per BU Tech Data - the BU were defined by the aggregation of a list of estimated fields supplied by compuBase consulting.
  • Estimation of the total TO per BU 
  • Estimation of the total  CA in resale 

Deliverables and delay
For all companies 
  • Company registration number
  • Last total TO figure
  • The source for the TO figure (official / declared / estimated / forecasted)
  • Year of the last TO
  • Est. TO in resale
  • Est.  total TO  5BUs
And for each of the  5 BUs
  • Range of TO per BU
  • Level of confidence in the TO per BU
  • Score received in the  scoring operation
Other information provided on the companies not present in Tech Data's database:
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Web site
  • Company email 
  • One management contact with their function and direct email address when available
  • VAT code
  • BVD code

Delay : 3 to 4 weeks

Contact us to find out more about  our  Channel Ranking  study of any of our other Channel studies 


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