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MSSP - Managed Security Service Providers

MSSPs are key partners in the Security Partners worlds, let's have a look on them...

Volume of ICT partners per country

Below are the latest figures concerning the number of IT and telecom partner profiles available  for the different countries and regions covered by our database - Europe, The Middle East, Africa and America, Australia, NZ and Singapore A...

IT partners for the Public Sector and Government Agencies

Most of the IT spending from Public Sector and government bodies goes trough partners, and this client target is important for them here is why. Government spending on technology is important for IT and telecom partners for the following reasons:...

Data & Update Offer

Data & update offers a specific access to our database via web services or ad 'hoc solutions. For various reasons, you may not want to have online access to our database. Perhaps you are an IT manager who only wants to automatically enrich your...

How much energy are you willing to Invest to have a good BI and Marketing system?

Acquire data from a specialist, use APIs, and only store the information where you have a method of updating it. The best-known method for having your own database is to host your data, but another solution is to export data from a provider when...
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