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IT partners for the Public Sector and Government Agencies

Most of the IT spending from Public Sector and government bodies goes trough partners, and this client target is important for them here is why.

IT partners for the Public Sector and Government Agencies
Government spending on technology is important for IT and telecom partners for the following reasons:
  • Business opportunities: Government spending often represents significant business opportunities for IT and telecom partners. Government contracts can be large in scale, generating substantial revenue for companies in the sector. These contracts may involve the provision of hardware, software, telecommunications services, cybersecurity services, and more.
  • Revenue stability: Government technology spending is typically more stable than private sector spending. Governments need to maintain their technological infrastructure and modernize their systems to ensure the efficient delivery of public services. This means that IT and telecom partners working with the government can benefit from a steady source of revenue.
  • Innovation and technological development: Governments are often interested in adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve their services, increase efficiency, and remain competitive globally. IT and telecom partners play a crucial role in providing these technologies and can collaborate with the government to develop and implement innovative solutions. This can help partners expand their product portfolios and establish themselves as key players in the technology field.
  • Long-term partnerships: Working with the government can lead to long-term partnerships for IT and telecom companies. Once a company has successfully built a trusted relationship with the government and demonstrated its value by delivering high-quality technological solutions, there is often an opportunity to continue collaborating on future projects. These long-term partnerships can provide financial stability and foster business growth.
‚ÄčDepending on countries the importance of this target of sales varies.
Below various table (interactive) that will give more in depth information country or IT activities.

Public sector definition

We can define two set of public sectors
A core comprising partners meeting these 3 sub-targets
  • Federal - Government Bodies
  • Government - State
  • Local Authority
But due to the strong influence on some other sectors, we can expand the public sectors to a second set of activities
  • Medical - Health
  • Education  / Training
  • Metallurgy
In the below tables, when necessary we have indicated if the target group studied is the core target or extended target group.

Volume of partners addressing each target target by country

The first column indicates the volume of partners for the corresponding area addressing the indicated public sector segment The % indicates within the total number of partner (last line) the % of them addressing this segment.
You can do your own count by clicking on the cell with a value and access to our selection tool.

Public Sector by country and sub segments


Create Your Own Company Selections With Our Online Selection Tool

compuBase has developed a very powerful but easy to access tool. It allows you to perform targeting and instantly know the volume of potential partners for your activity. The counting functions are accessible without subscription.

The table below shows by activity (main business model) the % of the corresponding activity addressing public sectors for the core target and the extended target. 

Does the size matters? actually yes.


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