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Is consolidation the solution?

When I was at school our teachers used drosophila (another name for the common fly) to explain genetics. The advantage of using these creatures was that their rapid reproductive cycles reduced the time necessary to study them… The world of IT...

Statistics for resellers of software solutions in EMEA

Software solution resellers make up a significant portion of IT market players, and represent roughly 48% of all IT resellers in the compuBase database. The resale of software solutions  is a rapidly changing market where companies need to be...

Selection of client references

Specific targeting in the Cloud

Identifying software vendors in Europe

ISVs have become a priority target for the IT and Telecom markets as more and more companies are outsourcing their data service and development demands. The compuBase ISV database contains information on over 23 000 companies working in software...

Distribution : 10 tips for the evolution towards the Cloud

Making the transition towards the Cloud will be an obligatory step for many distribution players. What advice can you give your partners to help them in their evolution towards the Cloud? Here are 10 tips: 1 -Advise your partners to use the...
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