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Database of ISVs

Software vendors have become one of the primary groups to be targeted by the IT & Telco industries. compuBase has the largest structured database for players in the IT, Telco & digital markets. Our database contains

ICT Channel in Europe

Europe is the largest economic area in the world. It includes the countries belonging to the EU, the associated countries and other countries. Historically, indirect distribution began in Europe, while in North America sales were more direct....

Index of Dynamic Statistics from the compuBase database

Below you will find a list of the tables of dynamic statistics available on this website. These statistics are automatically updated on a daily basis to provide you with the very latest overview of our database content for each of the...

Xerox and HP, a quick study of the overlap of their indirect sales channels.

In a slowly declining market, mergers and acquisitions are not surprising. This market has seen several in recent years. What’s surprising about this case is the little fish eating the big one. With one quarter the market cap, Xerox plans to...

Volume of ICT companies registered in the compuBase database - volume by country

compuBase covers North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. We do not yet cover Asia and Pacific. Volume of ICT partners in the compuBase database by country compuBase covers North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle...
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