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List of MSPs ( Managed Service Providers)

MSP "Managed Service Providers" are considered the "holy grail" for many cloud providers to address the enterprise market and especially SMBs

When a new expression starts to become popular one has to be extremely careful that everyone understands the same thing behind it.  
One definition of an MSP could be : “A company commercializing remotely managed services, without owning the intellectual property or the infrastructure. As you can see, this is a rather restrictive definition and excludes hosting companies, ISVs and telecom operators by only taking into account companies that actually resell services.
Another definition might be A company commercializing their own or third party services managed remotely which would of course be more relevant, but the problem would be that since it is a much broader definition it would have to systematically include exceptions. 

So, how can we define what an MSP is?

One of our studies on Cloud skills revealed three activities that stood out from the rest: Outsourcing (facilities management), hosting, and integration of software solutions. These are currently activities that are most apt for service solution commercialization by third parties. 

Below is the number of MSPs in our database, by type of service provided:

>>> if you are more interested by MSSPs (Managed Security Services Providers) please consult this page

MSPs (Managed Service Providers)

The term "MSP" actually refers to a quality rather than an activity. It describes the ability to resell a hosted or managed service, such as a cloud solution for network administration, message hosting, web services, or SaaS solutions.

An MSP is skilled in selling these services on a regular basis using cloud technology, and has the necessary human resources to provide consultancy and client support, as well as manage and invoice clients.

The concept of "quality" encompasses a wide range of activities as long as third party solutions are used for commercialization. For example, a hosting company that includes third party solutions in its offers, such as SaaS or cloud solutions, can be considered an MSP.

MSP - the most debated IT acronym?

MSPs by company size

All Cloud Activities (including MSPs)

MSPs by vertical market addressed

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