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Quality information on compuBase database
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compuBase offer for agencies

With over 30 years of experience in the IT Distribution Channel, compuBase is renowned for our expertise in gathering data and profiling IT companies.


- company profiles, 400 000 contacts and over 80 countries across EMEA, North America, Canada and Latin America.
- At least 85% of the local IT companies of more than one person are included in our database for each country covered .


- 250 selection criteria allow you to create your targets. Including: Localisation, Activity, Types of resold brands & products, Skills...
- Over 20 years of experience dedicated to the IT industry have brought us the essential know-how in gathering and analysing information on IT partners enabling us to provide you with concrete solutions for the management of global marketing campaigns.
- Our data allow you to develop operational and relational strategies for your campaigns
- Our quality files and expert advice make your lead generation campaigns more efficient.

Rent addresses for selective direct marketing operations of mailing, e-mailing or fax mailing.
Information includes: company name + contact + address or email or phone.
Single Use.


Acquire data for repetitive mailing or telemarketing campaigns.
Information includes: company name + address + contact + job title + phone.
Multiple use. Possibility to add modules.


Acquire data for multichannel marketing campaigns.
Information includes: Basic Company List Module
Multiple use. Possibility to add modules.


Complementary modules available for purchase:
Additional contacts, TO & number of employees, TO evolution, company information, technical & vertical markets, systems & application skills, hardware system modules resold, telecommunication hardware & software resold, peripherals & office automation, resold software.


Quality information on compuBase database


compuBase gathers its information by different means: web browsing, emailing, faxing, but our main source of information remains our telemarketing team and our online directory.


Our telemarketing team gathers information on the greatest number of companies in the IT & Telecom sector. Once created, they proceed to the in depth qualification of the companies. This process is facilitated by an interactive questionnaire which is automatically adapted to the information supplied (depending on the company's activity, skills, resold products, etc..)
Our telemarketing team varies according to projects and each project is lead by a compuBase pilot who is in charge of the quality of the information gathered by our team and suppliers.


The average update cycle of a company is between 9 and 18 months.
The main factor launching an update process is the date of the last update. Other factors may intervene: mergers, acquisitions, re-organisation, moving, etc...


compuBase depth of information is unique across Europe, America and AU-nZ
With more than 250 criteria of selection available, we can define companies with extreme precision. A priority for the quality control, the depth of information has significantly improved over the last years. The average number of available criteria per company profile has risen by 12%. This raise has been achieved by enriching the information on contacts, technical skills and resold products.


Unreached mailing contacts are lower than 5%.  An email bounce can be caused by various factors even if the email address is correct. It is therefore very difficult to give a definite email error rate. However, our tests show that 13% of our emails do not appear as received.


Having quality information allows you to:

  • Increase the ROI of your clients' direct marketing campaigns by decreasing their costs and increasing lead generation. Contacting the right person means multiplying your chances of selling.
  • Saving time for your clients' sales force by using their resources on a target with a real potential to sell their products or services.
  • Working on what is essential for your customers: being recognized by partners who are capable of developing their sales.


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Useful Statistics
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