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Options for on-line access or purchase of information files

These options are intended for companies that want either to integrate data into their information system or to have access to our on-line database with the possibiliy to export files.

DATA ONLY - One off purchase for a specific marketing / sales operation

Purchase of access rights for an unlimited time for a selection of companies or contacts determined together. We provide you with a file containing the information of your choice under Excel, Text or as a relational database. (Possibility of subscribing to updates.) This option does not include web access.

DATA & WEB - Subscription to a specific target

Purchase of access rights for a selection of companies for an unlimited time and successive updates. The target and information depth are determined with you. Access is by the web and almost all information is exportable online.
The available information depths are  PRO +/ EXPERT +
Designed for data export for direct marketing and data integration.

PLATINIUM - Full access to one country

Annual access to our full base for one or more countries, with a maximum information depth level (EXPERT). This option is suited to large IT and Telecom accounts targeting a very broad audience. Data Export and Direct marketing. The offer includes multiple access licenses.


Some of our Clients for Data and Marketing Services
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