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MSSP - Managed Security Service Providers,

Increasingly at the heart of Managed Services activities.

Study from june - 2018

As capabilities develop in the Cloud stakeholders are becoming more specialised.

There seems to be an almost endless number of acronyms ending in aaS (as a service) or in SP (Service Provider), however nowadays one of them is the focus of interest in the sector and that is MSSPs or managed security services providers...
One good reason is that these stakeholders enjoy the double benefit of being both in the very promising sector of the Cloud and also in the security sector which is extremely promising in terms of growth potential. 
Today around 20% of stakeholders in the Cloud universe offer MSSP services, whereas 18 months ago the figure was just 14%....

So who are these stakeholders, where do they come from, and how many of them are there?

If we look in more detail at where most of the stakeholders with MSSP capabilities are positioned, not surprisingly it is service companies that are out in front. 

On the other hand, if we look at who most often offers managed security services, in terms of percentages of the given population, the ranking is quite different.


Targeted Markets

If we look a little more closely at the markets in which these companies operate, we typically see certain markets emerging such as government contracts, online services, banking, insurance, etc...
% of partners addressing this vertical to propose an MSSP offer  
Government - State 17.9%
On Line Services 13.7%
Security 13.0%
Banking - Finance 12.5%
Insurance 12.2%
Education  / Training 11.9%
Medical - Health 11.0%
Energy 10.8%
Pharmaceutical 10.4%
Telecoms 10.4%
Textile 4.9%

june - 2018

Similarly for the sizes of the relevant customers.

% of Cloud partners addressing this group of client to propose an MSSP offer  
Small Businesses (10-50 empl.) 17.0%
Individuals 17.0%
Public Sector 16.8%
Large Businesses (500- 2500 empl.) 15.9%
Medium size Businesses (50-250 empl.) 15.5%
SoHo - Small Office Home Office (< 10 empl.) 15.5%
Corporations (>2500 empl.) 15.4%
Medium to Large Businesses (250-500 empl) 15.4%

june - 2018

MSSP activities

It is clear that the addition of security services is becoming a necessity for suppliers of managed services; this market is far from mature and there is plenty of scope for suppliers, particularly as we know that 80% of companies reporting capabilities in Cloud services still do not provide this type of service.

MSSP by country or regions

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