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ICT partners in Australia, New Zealand and other pacific islands

This area covers a very large area of the world but most of the business is in Australia and New Zealand and is heavily influenced by Asia

This region covers the following countries or geo

Total estimated ICT partners* for this region: 15,000 partners (mostly in Australia and New Zealand)
*Companies with more than 1 employee, > 150 K€ / year, at least 50% revenue in ICT solutions, services or products.
Includes: ICT services, ICT Manufacturing, ICT distribution, ICT Software Publishing

Key information for the region
Key Influencers: Asia and Singapour, US, UK. France for New Caledonia and French Polynesia.

Currencies used: Australian Dollar (AUD), US Dollar (USD), Franc CFP (linked to Euro).

Languages spoken: English, French

Point of entry:  Australia
Demographics: Above 50 M of inhabitants (30M for Australia and NZ) key others are Papua New Guinea*

ICT partners in Australia, New Zealand and other pacific islands

ICT Partners in Australia, New Zealand by Country (available from compuBase)


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compuBase has developed a very powerful but easy to access tool. It allows you to perform targeting and instantly know the volume of potential partners for your activity. The counting functions are accessible without subscription.


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