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Help for compuBase.biz users - Tutorials: Speed up your training on compuBase tools and offers

Below, you'll find tutorials to assist you in getting hold of and mastering the compuBase.biz platform.


This section was primarily tailored for compuBase.biz's paid subscribers. As a result, in our instructional materials, the interface layout is showcased in a distinctive blue hue, in contrast to the orange theme provided to non-subscribed visitors.
It's important to note, however, that the majority of the functionalities described herein are also relevant to visitors, as well as registered but non-paying subscribers. The primary distinction lies in the color scheme of the interface and the corresponding access levels to information visibility.

To clarify:
  • The orange layout is reserved for non-registered visitors, registered users, and premium users.
  • The blue layout, on the other hand, is exclusively extended to compuBase Consulting Clients and Open Access users.

List of available Tutorials

Tutorial #1: Targeting module - Basic Notions: Create a Simple Target.

"Creating a compelling target list of companies involves the selection of specific criteria, for example, 'Integrators in France with more than 5 employees.' After defining your target criteria, you can take various actions, including exporting data, generating statistics, and saving it for future reference.
This tutorial is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of how to efficiently utilize this interface. While we've strived to make our platform easy-to-use, this tutorial will further enhance your experience and proficiency in using it."
Tutorial 2

Tutorial #2: Export contacts by choosing the Job Title

Now that you have learned how to define a target, it's time to initiate your first data export by selecting the contact's job title. This process is straightforward, but our expert tips will help you save time and address the following intriguing questions:
  • What happens when there is no contact with the selected job title or from the chosen department?
  • Can you exclude records when the selected contact position is unavailable?
  • Is it possible to apply hierarchical level filters without having to use Job Titles for filtering?

Tutorial 3

Tutorial #3 Targeting module - Advanced Notions: Filters & exclusions

This tutorial explains how to use the targeting systems using filters and exclusions that are applied to multiple targets.
If you are not yet familiar with the targeting module, please refer to the Tutorial 1

Tutorial 4

Tutorial #4 What is Open Access (Pay-per-view) formula & how does it work?

Welcome to our tutorial on how our Open Access offer functions! In this tutorial, we will provide comprehensive guidance on the features and functionalities of our Open Access service, enabling you to gain a full understanding of its benefits and capabilities.
The Open Access offer grants you direct access to the compuBase database through prepaid credits. These credits act as your currency for unlocking the database's potential, allowing you to either export data or access detailed profiles tailored to your specific requirements. With Open Access, there's no need to predetermine your business target in advance. Instead, you'll enjoy unfettered access to a wide array of IT companies within the compuBase database.
The compuBase database is extensive and diverse, encompassing various categories of IT companies, such as ISVs, MSPs, SIs, resellers, IT service providers, and telecom companies. This broad coverage ensures you gain a holistic view of the IT industry and the ability to explore multiple sectors within it. Whether you seek comprehensive company profiles complete with detailed contact information or intend to export lists for marketing purposes, the Open Access offer empowers you to do so.
It's essential to note that the sole limitation you may encounter with the Open Access offer is the quantity of credits allocated to your account. The greater the number of credits at your disposal, the more extensive your access and data capabilities within the compuBase database become.
Throughout this tutorial, we will guide you through a step-by-step process of utilizing the Open Access offer. We will elucidate how to navigate the database, perform searches, access company profiles, export data, and efficiently manage your credits.
Let's delve into the realm of Open Access and explore how this potent tool can elevate your marketing endeavors while providing invaluable insights into the IT industry.

Tutorial 5

Tutorial #5 ​What is Data & Web Access formula & how does it work?

Welcome to our tutorial on how our Data & Web offer works! In this tutorial, we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the features and benefits of our Data & Web service.

The Data & Web offer is designed to grant you access to the compuBase database, a vast repository of valuable information. Through this offer, you can leverage the power of compuBase by utilizing a preset target.
Within this target you can define other targets using your specific criteria to access the data you need, enabling you to export relevant information or view detailed profiles effortlessly.
Best of all, there are no limits on data export or profile viewing throughout the duration of your subscription.

This exceptional offer is tailored to meet the needs of companies that possess a clear understanding of the market they intend to target. Whether you're aiming for data enrichment, conducting export operations for emailing campaigns, executing mailings, or acquiring telemarketing lists, our Data & Web offer is designed to empower your business with valuable insights and actionable information.

Throughout this tutorial, we will walk you through the various features, explain the step-by-step process of accessing and using the compuBase database, and provide you with tips and best practices to maximize the benefits of our Data & Web offer.

Let's delve in and discover how our Data & Web service can propel your company's success in the realm of data-driven decision making and market targeting.

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