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Finding the right service

Vendors' needs vary depending on the history and development of their indirect sales channel.
The following should help determine which compuBase services are for you.

The natural evolution of a resellers network; compuBase offers services for every step of the way

Finding the right service

CREATING YOUR OWN NETWORK: You're wondering whether you should create a distribution network for your IT or telecom products and services. You lack data, and you'd like to analyse the potential of an indirect market before you commit.

RECRUITING YOUR FIRST PARTNERS: You've decided to create your own indirect distribution network and you want to recruit your first partners. How should you choose them? How can you save time and stay within your budget?

EXPANDING YOUR NETWORK: You already have a distribution network consisting of several players, and you want to move on to the next stage by recruiting new partners. How should you choose them? How should you manage them?

CONQUERING NEW NETWORKS: You already have a distribution network SET up and want to reach new targets that will complete your current network.

OPTIMISING YOUR NETWORK: You manage too many partners directly and want to know which one you should invest in. You want to know the potential of each point of sale and try to adapt your communication to similar targets. You're trying to understand your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your competitors and your market. You're trying to get a grip on your communication channel in sync with wholesalers.

CONSOLIDATING YOUR NETWORK: You already have a distribution network and have just acquired a company with its own network. Which partners should you keep? How can you manage just one database, enrich it and segment it?

MANAGING INFORMATION FLOWS: You have an organised "one-tier / two-tier" distribution network, and you want to consolidate your data to make your sales team more efficient.. You want to be able to assess your partners through visibility of your wholesaler’s sales. You're trying to ease the burden on your in-house IT department by freeing it from the consolidation of wholesaler data.

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