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Channel Scoring pour Autodesk

Channel Scoring pour Autodesk
The  client need:

- AUTODESK wanted to increase the number of partners supplying its "volume" offer in Germany, France and England
Using compuBase business intelligence tools,  AUTODESK wanted to identify the number of potential "volume' partners in these three countries. 
The compuBase solution :

 Channel Scoring 
compuBase set up a scoring operation for  Autodesk top partners in Germany, France and the UK.
The scoring operation allows you to detect and approach the right partners in terms of their qualities/ ressemblance to a set of predefined criteria (criteria defined with Autodesk)
For this scoring operation we worked from the compuBase database targeting the following company types:

- Resellers and IT service companies with CAO skills
- Companies with more than 2 employees
- Located in Germany, France and England

The different steps in this scoring :

 - Matching Autodesk's current partners with the most interesting profiles
 - Determining the main characteristics of theses companies
 - Deciding and weighting the different scoring criteria
 - Performing the  scoring analysis
 - Control of the results 

Deliverables and delay
Deliverables: compuBase delivered the TOP 300 partners (top 100 for each country) as well as the results of the scoring.
Access to the data was provided via delivery of a PRO+ datafile.
Delay: Scoring takes 2 to 3 weeks
Ton learn more about  Channel Scoring, or for information on any of the other channel studies by compuBase contact us here.


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