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Channel Benchmarking for Epson

Channel Benchmarking for Epson
The client need:
Epson wanted to identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of its printer distribution network.
It wanted to study the top 5 countries in Europe (the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy).
The ultimate aim for Epson was to have an overall view of its market position in comparison to that of its main competitors in the B2B printer resale channel. 

The  compuBase solution: 

 A Channel Benchmarking study

 This benchmarking used  BI data in the compuBase database to perform a study of Epson's channel position compared to that of other brands selected by Epson. The comparison was based on aspects identified prior to the study by Epson and compuBase.

 • The benchmarking study for EPSON revealed its market postion in terms of several criteria, which enabled the brand to then focus on specific aspects of its channel and its market development.
 •  The datasets used in the study were defined by Epson and compuBase using the 250 selection criteria available in the compuBase database.
 • compuBase supplied a Business Intelligence and a Marketing Intelligence report for each country to serve as the basis for Epson's channel development activities.

Benchmarking summary
– Comparison of printer market coverage to that of the channel in general
– Comparison of printer market coverage to that of Epson's competitors
– Identification of Epson's chief competitors, their market postion and their strengths
– Detection of new reseller profiles that could be of interest to Epson in the compuBase database

Deliverables and delay: 
Deliverables : 
– 5  80-page reports - one per country, containing statistics, analyses and conculsions 
– 6 Powerpoint presentations (1 per country  + 1)
Delay :  8 weeks
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