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Channel Benchmarking

A Channel Benchmarking is an in depth study to compare a brand's channel with the market and the competition, to identify  channel strengths and weaknesses for a large selection of criteria (vertical market, partner type, revenue, skill sets...) It is a QUALITATIVE approach to channel analysis.

Benefits of a Channel Benchmarking

The Benchmarking study provides you with a clear picture  of the strengths and weaknesses of your distribution network, to optimize strategic decision-making. 

A Channel Benchmarking provides you with the necessary information to:
Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your distribution network (vertical markets, Technical skills, geographical cover, Client types).
Compare your points of sale coverage to that of your competitors by volume (number of points of sale) and value (Turn-over)
Improve your sales and partner marketing strategies

Analysis samples:

Samples are provided to illustrate some of the deliverables. 
Not all possible views are represented.
Analyses are set up according to client’s priorities.
Channel Benchmarking

We compare your brand position to up to 7 of your competitors for one market.
Channel Benchmarking


An comprehensive analytic report (all tables and statistics in a +/70 pages format delivery)
An “executive summary” 
Consulting proposition on the weak points with associated road map.

Sample of contents:
Channel Benchmarking

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