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VMware Partner Channel - a Dynamic Analysis by compuBase

VMware works with an indirect channel, commonly referred to as the VMware Partner Network, to sell and distribute its software products and solutions. The VMware Partner Network is a global ecosystem of partners that includes resellers, distributors, system integrators, service providers, and other types of partners who collaborate with VMware to deliver VMware's products and solutions to customers.
The VMware Partner Network provides various programs and resources to its partners to enable them to sell, implement, and support VMware products and solutions effectively. This includes training and certification programs to ensure that partners have the necessary technical expertise to deploy and manage VMware technologies. Partners may also receive sales and marketing resources, technical support, access to VMware's software and tools, and other benefits to assist them in delivering value-added services to their customers.
Partners in the VMware Partner Network typically serve as intermediaries between VMware and end customers. They engage with customers to understand their needs, recommend appropriate VMware products and solutions, and provide support and services for implementation and ongoing management. Partners may also provide additional value-added services such as consulting, integration, customization, and support to meet the unique requirements of their customers.
VMware's indirect channel strategy allows the company to leverage the expertise and reach of its partner ecosystem to extend its market reach, provide localized support, and deliver tailored solutions to customers in various industries and regions around the world. It also enables VMware to focus on product development and innovation while relying on partners to deliver its products and solutions to end customers.


VMware offers a wide range of virtualization and cloud computing solutions that are designed to help organizations optimize their IT infrastructure, streamline operations, and enable digital transformation. Some of the key solutions provided by VMware include:

VMware vSphere: vSphere is VMware's flagship virtualization platform that provides the foundation for creating, running, and managing virtual machines (VMs) in data centers. It includes features such as server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization, and management tools for optimizing compute, storage, and networking resources.

Other solutions are
  • VMware NSX: NSX is a software-defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization solution that enables organizations to create and manage virtual networks, including virtual switches, routers, firewalls, and load balancers. NSX helps organizations build agile, scalable, and secure networks that are decoupled from physical infrastructure, allowing for greater flexibility and automation.
  • VMware vSAN: vSAN is a software-defined storage solution that abstracts and pools storage resources from multiple physical servers to create a distributed storage platform.
  • VMware Horizon: Horizon is a virtual desktop and application delivery platform that allows organizations to deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications from a central location.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation: Cloud Foundation is an integrated software-defined data center (SDDC) platform that combines vSphere, vSAN, and NSX into a single solution.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS: Cloud on AWS is a joint offering by VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows organizations to run VMware workloads on the AWS cloud. 
  • VMware Tanzu: Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services that enable organizations to build, run, and manage modern applications in containers and Kubernetes clusters.

Definition of a VMware partner

Any qualified partner:
Reselling, integrating, or supporting regularly VMware products such as server, storage, desktop, laptop, monitors, tablets and gaming PCs,

Or with one of the following accreditations / Certifications
  • Vmware Corporate Reseller Partner
  • VMware Education Resell Partners
  • VMware Solution Provider Partner
  • VMware Partner

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