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Top ISVs in Europe - This is an old article.

2013 sees the launch of a new compuBase consulting operation to qualify the top ISVs in Europe.

Why research the top ISVs for SaaS solutions?

There are more than 25,500 software publishers in EMEA

92 % of EU software publishers have their HQ in Europe

Less than 20 % of ISVs have a SaaS offer
< 18 % for vertical software*
Very few generate the majority of their business with SaaS
Less than 40% of SaaS ISVs have an outsourced hosting strategy

The European ISV  market is the largest ISV market in the world

Recruiting ISVs in the Cloud generates the demand for IT Infrastructure.
If the vendors don't accompany ISVs towards the Cloud they risk losing control of demand for hosting partners

Knowing where ISVs stand regarding their SaaS strategy is KEY for infrastructure vendors

Read this article to find out more

Top ISVs in Europe - This is an old article.

Which regions will our survey cover?

DACH region

What will the survey entail?

Calling 15,000 EU software publishers (we estimate  8,000 completed calls)
To EU HQs only
To companies with more than 5 employees (to be confirmed)
To research their position regarding Saas:
  • If they are already actively commercializing SaaS solutions
                            % of SaaS revenue
                             Their hosting strategy
                             Their hosting partners
                             Their PaaS platforms
  • If they are planning to commercialise SaaS solutions in the future
  • The main difficulties they have to overcome to be successful selling SaaS solutions

Why not take full advantage of this operation by becoming a sponsor?

Sponsor advantages include:
Early-bird pricing
Preview access to survey results
Insertion of your own personal, private questions in the survey and exclusive access to the replies
Brand promotion in the study synopsis and in various IT,  SaaS, Cloud BtoB social networks

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