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Top Cloud, Hosting Partners

From June to September 2012 compuBase consulting carried out an operation to identify and qualify the top Cloud/ Hosting partners in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Italy.

This study, which contains the results of the operation, provides insight into this rapidly developing market by providing key information on the 2 500 top Cloud, SaaS, hosting, MSP partners, their vision of the market, their different sales models, revenue structures, vertical markets etc.

There are two versions of ths study available:
A free synopsis which provides the general market overview and some interesting key statistics which is available here:  

The full study package

This study is also available in a "full" version which is delivered with on-line access to 125 proPlus profiles of your choice.
It may also be packaged with various other options to access all or a selection of the Top 2500 Cloud/hosting partner profiles. The information you can access includes data and information on company activities, vertical markets, revenues, sales methods, reseller brands etc..
Using our data selection tools and the 250 selection criteria we provide you can make precise target definitions. The data you select is then sent to your inbox within minutes in the form of an Excel spreadsheet for use in your marketing and sales operations.

Find out more about the various data packages available here


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