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Panasonic Partner Channel - a Dynamic Analysis by compuBase

Panasonic, founded in 1918 by Kōnosuke Matsushita, initially focused on lightbulb sockets. As it expanded into the IT industry, Panasonic embraced a wide array of electronics, including radios, TVs, and personal computers. Key to its growth was its work with channel partners, adapting to market changes and customer needs. Panasonic developed a robust channel ecosystem, collaborating with dealers and resellers, providing them with innovative IT and electronic solutions. This channel strategy significantly contributed to Panasonic's global reach in the IT industry, balancing direct sales with strong partner relationships to enhance market penetration and customer service.


Panasonic's range of products in the IT sector includes various technologies and solutions tailored for different market segments.

Their IT-related offerings encompass:
  • Toughbook: Panasonic's rugged laptops and tablets, designed for challenging environments, are part of their IT product range.
  • Business Solutions: Panasonic provides advanced solutions for businesses, including professional display systems, projectors, and broadcast solutions. They also offer digital AV switchers and mixers, studio camera systems, and professional monitors.
  • Security Systems: Panasonic is involved in security and surveillance solutions, offering CCTV cameras, network video recorders, video door phones, and home safety solutions.
  • Communication Solutions: This includes telecommunication systems like cordless and corded phones, mobile phones, PBX systems, HD communication systems, and network video interfaces.
  • Consumer Electronics: This includes a broad range of home appliances and entertainment devices, such as televisions, audio systems, and personal care products.
Panasonic also provides Smart Factory Solutions, Automotive Solutions, Energy Solutions, Industrial Devices and components.

The Panasonic channel strategy involves collaborating with a network of indirect channel partners, including dealers and resellers. Panasonic supports these partners with resources like training, marketing materials, and technical support, helping them effectively market and sell Panasonic products. This approach allows Panasonic to extend its reach into various markets and cater to a diverse range of customer needs, leveraging the local expertise and established customer relationships of its channel partners.

Clients Total number of Panasonic partners in the compuBase database:

Definition of a Panasonic Partner

Any qualified partner:
Reselling, integrating, or supporting regularly Panasonic products  such as
  • Inkjet printers / inkjet all in one printers.
  • Office A4 laser printers or A4 Multi Function Printer.
  • Office A3/A4 laser printers or A3/A4 Multi Function Printer.
  • And MPS
  • External and internal hard drives.
  • Unified Communication & PBX ( iPBX - PABX - EPABX).
  • CCTV - IP Camera.
  • Laptops & Netbook.
  • Mobile phone and Smart phone.
  • Tablet PCs, e-book reselling.
  • Video projectors.
  • Computer screens /monitors (<=40) resel.
  • Large Flat Screen TV (Plasma & LCD >40 inches).
  • Digital photo, analog and digital camcorder.
Or with one of the following accreditations / Certifications (some name may have changed)
  • Panasonic Certified Partner
  • Panasonic Premier Partner
  • Panasonic Registered
  • Panasonic Expert
  • Panasonic Solutions
  • Panasonic ISV

Volume of partners for Panasonic solutions

Panasonic Partners by solutions

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Main business model of IT Partners working with Panasonic

Panasonic's partners by size ranges

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Panasonic partners are also reselling / integrating other brands who are those brands?

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