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Identifying software vendors in Europe

ISVs have become a priority target for the IT and Telecom markets as more and more companies are outsourcing their data service and development demands.
The compuBase ISV database contains information on over 23 000 companies working in software publication in Europe.

The size of ISV sales targets

Collected data reveals that the majority of ISVs in Europe address medium sized businesses with between 50 and 250 employees. 
Below are the number of companies that declare they sell to the different sized enterprise clients.
Identifying software vendors in Europe

Volume of ISV by product category

Company size in terms of number of employees

The compuBase database contains detailed information on each company, including the company size in terms of number of employees.
Just 1% of the companies with a software publishing activitiy have over 500 employees. 
Below are the figures for the remaining 99% of the companies in the database.
Identifying software vendors in Europe


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