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Database of ISVs - Independent Software Vendors - Statistics by activity of the ISVs

Software vendors have become one of the main target groups for the IT & Telecom industries. compuBase has the largest structured database of IT, Telecom & digital market players.

Our database contains companies that claim to have a software publishing activity, of which claim it being their main activity.
compuBase is the leading source of information on this sector.

Software vendors are of interest to all categories of technology providers.

They often serve as intermediaries to disseminate new technologies and solutions.
Praised by large corporations in cloud computing for hosting their SaaS solutions, software publishers are also sought out by marketplaces and other industries that want to see their software technology embedded.

Moreover, a lot of data flows through them, which makes them an attractive target for those looking to monetize the goldmine that is their users’ data.  

Last but not least, more and more service companies are changing their business model to that of software solutions or web services.

Discover why ISVs are important for the IT market distribution: ISVs: The path to a new Eldorado

All ISVs and those with a SaaS mode identified

ISVs that have software publishing as their main activity (business model)

Below ISVs (main and annex activity) by the solutions they published

ISVs by software category

What are the most effective ways to identify potential software vendor partners?

By utilizing a variety of criteria such as the number of employees or total revenue, the number of developers, the technologies used for development, the specific industries the vendor targets, the types of software they produce, and their technical expertise, we can pinpoint the best partners to meet your specific requirements and maximize your return on investment.
For additional information on software vendors in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, please consult additional data and statistics."


Some examples of the available software vendor lists:

Detailed counts of ISVs specialized in Management & Production software

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All ISVs by type of solutions


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