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ASUS Partner Channel - a Dynamic Analysis by compuBase

ASUS is a multinational company known for its computer hardware and electronics. Originating in Taiwan, it's a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and laptops, including the popular ROG (Republic of Gamers) series catering to gamers. ASUS also ventures into mobile technology with its ZenFone series and has made strides in AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) for creating smarter solutions in daily life. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their diverse product lineup, which now also includes monitors, networking devices, and peripherals. ASUS focuses on quality, design, and performance, aiming to provide cutting-edge technology to consumers and businesses alike.


ASUS is  known for its computer hardware and electronics. Here are the main activities of ASUS:
  • Manufacture of Personal Computers (PCs): ASUS is known for its wide range of laptops, desktops, and all-in-one PCs tailored for gaming, professional, and everyday use.
  • Motherboards and Computer Components: ASUS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of motherboards, graphics cards, sound cards, optical drives, and computer networking equipment.
  • Mobile Devices: ASUS produces smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology under various lines, including the ZenFone series.
  • Gaming Hardware: Under its Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand, ASUS offers high-end gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, graphic cards, and peripherals.
  • Networking Equipment: ASUS develops a variety of networking solutions, including routers, modems, and mesh Wi-Fi systems, for both home and office use.
  • Peripherals and Accessories: Keyboards, mice, PC cooling systems, PC cases, and audio devices are also part of ASUS's product portfolio.
  • Displays and Projectors: ASUS manufactures monitors for gaming, professional, and general use, as well as projectors.
  • Servers and Workstations: ASUS provides servers, workstations, and server motherboards designed for enterprise, creative, and scientific applications.
  • AIoT & Robotics: Engaging in the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and robotics, ASUS develops solutions for smart home, healthcare, and business applications.
ASUS employs a variety of distribution channels to ensure its products reach a broad spectrum of customers worldwide. These channels include:
  • Authorized Distributors and Dealers: ASUS products are distributed through a network of authorized distributors and dealers across the globe. These partners work with retailers, e-tailers, and other resellers to supply ASUS products to the end consumer.
  • ​Retail Stores: ASUS products are available in many brick-and-mortar retail stores, including electronics and computer specialty stores. This allows customers to physically inspect products before purchase.
  • Online Retailers and E-commerce Platforms: ASUS leverages online sales channels extensively, including its own website and major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Newegg, and Best Buy. This channel has become increasingly important for reaching tech-savvy consumers and offering competitive pricing and convenience.
  • Direct Sales: Through its official website, ASUS offers direct sales to consumers, providing access to their complete product lineup, including the latest models and exclusive deals.
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales: ASUS also operates in the B2B sector, offering tailored solutions to businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. This includes servers, workstations, and networking solutions, as well as bulk purchases of PCs and laptops.
  • International Subsidiaries and Local Offices: To cater to specific regional markets, ASUS operates through international subsidiaries and local offices, ensuring that its products are adapted and distributed according to local demand and regulations.
Through this multi-channel distribution strategy, ASUS can reach a wide array of customers, from individual consumers to large enterprises, effectively catering to diverse market needs and preferences.

Clients Total number of ASUS partners in the compuBase database:

Definition of an Asus Partner

Any qualified partner:
Reselling, integrating, or supporting regularly Asus solutions such as
  • Desktop
  • Server
  • Storage
  • Switches
  • Laptop
  • Tablets
  • Display
Or with one of the following accreditations / Certifications (some name may have changed)
  • ASUS AVP Platinum Partner
  • ASUS AVP Gold Partner
  • ASUS AVP Silver Partner
  • Asus AVP Registered

Volume of Asus Partners by solutions

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