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You have received an email with our name in the sender's address

Why have you recieved an email from a manufacturer, ISV or other IT company with our name in the sender's address?

Why do IT and telecom companies use our database for their communication?

The compuBase database is the leading database for ICT companies in EMEA.
It contains detailed information on 160 000 IT and Telecom companies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and Latin America. The database was originally created to help these companies develop their national and international markets by facilitating their access to information and inter-company communication.

Companies registered in our database do so of their own free will.

They register in the database because they want to:

1) Increase their visibility on the market
2) Receive information on new products, technologies and the general evolution of the market

When a company registers in the database it authorises us to use the information provided, including the email addresses associated with the company. These may be used for professional communications only.

Why do market players send you emails?

The ICT market is a rapidly changing market.

Emailing campaigns are still one of the most effective means of communicating for B2B.

The selection criteria available in our database provide a means of making highly tuned target selections to identify those companies and contacts that are most likely to be interested by a specific type of information.

The messages you receive are sent to you in relation to the position and the role that you have within your company.

What should you do if the messages are not of interest to you?

Your email address will have been selected because the information in our database indicates that , because of your role in the company you work for, the message could be of interest to you.

However, if you think this is not the case you may :
  • Acess and update the information concerning your profile in the database here
  • Unsubscribe to the emailings sent by our clients by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the message you have recieved.
NB: By clicking on this link you will effectively unsubscribe from all communications sent by any of our clients - manufacturers, ISVs, service companies etc. 


Emailing legislation

compuBase is a French company with international coverage.

Headquartered in France, compuBase applies French legislation for the rules concerning professional BtoB communication by email.

If your address is a private, non-professional address, please inform us. You should not have received the message.
For further information regarding this legislation please consult the CNIL website.


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